We Are All Doomed !

It was the buzz-word of 1998. Millennium Bug. A menace that can cause untold chaos and potentially kill, caused by the inability of computers to recognise the year 2000.

This conjures up an apocalyptic vision - cars crashing due to traffic lights failing, hospitals trying desperately to cope with the injuries, medical and computer equipment not functioning, no room - and that's if you manage to find the hospital, after all, there's going to be no chance of deploying an ambulance.

Even now credit cards are being refused, food is being disposed of because of confusion with sell-by dates and demands are being made for those over 105 to attend school - all because the world's computers see the year 2000 as being the year 1900. Talk about a backward step !

As with the greatest of issues threatening to wipe out the world as we know it, the Millennium Bug is of our own doing, and nobody can say otherwise. After all, the computer program is only as good as the programmer.

I'll leave you with one last thought: It's already too late.

What is the Millennium Bug ?
Could It Have Been Avoided ?
What Signs Should I Look For ?
Softening the Impact
How Will It Afftect Me and My Computer ?
What Can I do About It ?
Are you... ?
Post-Festivity Update
Leap Year Bug

Useful Links

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