(Number 2, 07/01/2000 - UK)

So here we are, the yaer 2000 and - as predicted in Reaction 2000 - the millennium bug has failed to bite, at least to the extent feared. We haven't won yet, however. Although computers missing the leap day won't be a serious problem it's one which is more likely to occur. For this reason I'm keeping a link available on the Welcome Page as well as constantly updating the site. It's time the content of the site shifted away from the Millennium Bug, though.

I will be adding reference material as soon as I can (although this may take some time). In the meantime I would appreciate any articles you would like to put on the site. One thing that i'm trying to do is keep an archive of the past. Most websites will promptly delete information as soon as it goes out of date (if they ever update their site), but by preserving the past historians can gain a more accurate impression of our present. This is the reason for me creating The Vault and will be my motivation for a new project.

I want to produce a permanent record of what life is like now and has been in the past for a new section. Anything will do, even the most ordinary of things. Perhaps you have stories of the Second World War, a favourite place, a photo that means a lot to you. It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks, the people made the last century and they'll make this one, and the individuality of people today is one of the things I'm keen to portray. Maybe you want to write an account of a birth or wedding, perhaps you've got some photographs of what you did during the year 2000 festivities. You might be a budding reporter with a story to tell or you might just want to write a bibliography on somebody, be they a celebrity - good or bad - or someone close to you. Just e-mail me anything you want me to include, preferably along with a bit of background. I reserve the right not to include any material you submit, although I doubt I'll do this.

GH Web has been steadily growing since its launch towards the end of 1999, and this doesn't look like stopping. If you have any suggestions, comments or potential articles don't hesitate to contact me.

Regardless of when the new Millennium begins/began, I hope you had a great last Millennium and wish you an even better one to come ! Until next time, bye.

-Graham Haynes

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From last editorial: Alright, the Millennium starting in 2001 is something to do with there not being a year 0. 1+1000+1000=2001 - the start of the third Christian Millennium (the same way that the second lap is lap 1), but then why - if this marks 2000 years since the birth of Christ - is Christmas Day not also New Year's Day ?