You can E-mail me, Graham Haynes, at ghweb@crosswinds.net or, if this doesn`t work, try my Hotmail account - ghweb@hotmail.com. (For business correspondence, please place 'commercial' in the subject line).

I have a number of other E-mail addresses. If for some reason your E-mail package refuses to send mail to the above links, use this one instead. This address will not stay and if you contact me on it after May 2000 - at the latest - I can't guarantee a reply.

This fault-reporting E-mail address isn't easily accessible to me as it is on a remote network, so I check it infrequently and I can't do much with any mail I receive.

I will try to read all my E-mails and reply if appropriate, although it might take some time for me to get round to doing this. Please keep any messages short and concise.


For comments please enter Comments (Subject) in the subject line.

I like to hear from people visiting my site, but if the only reason you want to E-mail me is to tell me about my site, please do so in about one sentence.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoy GH Web and continue to do so. Remember I make no charge for this service.

Graham Haynes 13/10/1999
(E-mail system presently
being developed further)

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